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Volume 1 In the Pantry Classics

After writing Volume 1 and Volume 2 for In the Pantry Quick Breads, I needed a break.  My brother suggested I come out for my Mother’s 84th birthday and that got me thinking.  Why not work on a cookbook together?!  With all the late spring and summer holidays coming up, of course it had to be a barbecue… and that brought up all the classic recipes we have.

These classic recipes have been used over the years as the starting point for modifications and enhancements by new chefs.  These classics have become  blurred and I’m sure many new cooks wonder where these recipes came from.  As with all changes due to technology and changes in society, some of our classic recipes have improved for the better; some maybe not.  Getting back to the simple basics allows new cooks to upgrade these classics to their taste and preferences.  And besides, with the popularity of retro TV shows, you may even be inspired to have a retro party and feature some of the recipes and music in this series.

Going over these recipes that I used to make, I did have to cringe a little at the use of Crisco and canned fruit.  Today I’m using real butter instead of shortening and fresh fruit and vegetables instead of canned or frozen.  But there was a reason back in the day for using the ingredients in these recipes.  I was really surprised how much I liked the fruit salad; not only did it bring back memories, but it was simple, easy and tasted fabulous.  We all know how long it takes to prepare for guests, and this recipe makes it easy.

This series will take you along with me on finding the history behind the recipes and what Americans were doing during this time.

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