S’mores for a Backyard Party Buffet

In the Pantry BuzzThere are so many creative people out there and I just love it when I stumble upon something super to share!

Remember those S’mores we used to enjoy at summer camp, at the beach, and in the backyard?  What fun it would be to have an outdoor s’mores party – only – with tons of fixins for everyone to select from.  Imagine inviting not only your friends and family, but having them invite their friends and family!  New people to meet and new s’mores to make from a S’mores Buffet (OK – I added the part about adding friends of friends – it just seems like so much fun!).

That’s exactly what The Kitchn did in a recent blog post in their party series.  In this post they show you how they did it with a link to another post with all the recipes.

They said it was the easiest party they have thrown yet!

Got kids or ready to have an adult kids party?  Then head on over and read how they did it.




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